1. So Alive

From the recording Keep A Light On


A strong wind blew in from the westAnd so I headed eastDrew my blade and I carved out my feastAnd then I built high fences and I dug deep trenchesBled myself until it dulled my sensesBut then the earth trembled and I trembled with itI felt powerless as plates beneath me shiftedAnd I was calling out your name as my roots upliftedAnd from all that I've known in this world I was siftedAnd everything came out that was trapped insideAnd I swear to god I never felt so aliveIt took all I had but I headed westI pushed on till I had nothing leftJust this blood in my veins and this heart in my chestAnd then I was surrounded by a nothingnessMy wounds healed and the air lay stillAnd a melody went through me with that good chillWith a high high and lows that shake me stillRising up from deep inside this void I fillI felt every cell in my body multiplyAnd I swear to god I never felt so aliveI burned all I owned and I headed southI went to far into find my way outAnd I was running on faith and then I was running on doubtI wanted water as thirst filled my mouthAnd then I was surrounded by a drunken seaI never been so scared I never felt so freeAnd I've been searching for who am I supposed to bewho am I supposed to be who am I supposed to beI came for truth but all I found was meI fell to my knees and then I laughed till I criedAnd I swear to god I never felt so alive