1. Need Your Love

From the recording Heavy


I put my foot into the waterand then I was a thousand miles from shoreI tried t fight the currentbut it only made me want you even moreso now im just laying down my pridewaving my arms up in the airlike some abandoned cast away firing up a flair
I need your loveLike a baby needs a mamas careI need your love in a way that’s more then I can bareI need your loveGot to have your love
I looked into your eyes and it all came shining throughand I was lost in your existence since long before I knewI just got to make you understandIm just trying to make it clearIm gonna move a little closer now and whisper in your ear
I need your loveand there’s no one left to blameI just need your love don’t want to ever be the sameI need your loveEvery evening needs the come of dawnI need your loveJust to carry on
and I don’t know if Im right or wrong or weather this makes me weak or strong
I need your love like a baby needs a mamas careI need your loveIts more them I can bareI need your loveand these nothing left to sayI just need your love and there ain’t no other wayI need your lovegot to have your love