Huffington Post

"Jon's music has been a long time coming, and in a sense, his whole life has been a rehearsal. True, he's been performing for nearly two decades, and he has released four albums, but this time, things are different."

NEO Magazine

Among an array of eclectic Greek-American performers circling ongoing open mics, festivals and local hip venues in and around Astoria this spring... Who could miss a strikingly handsome, single, soft-spoken, souful singin', mean-strummin', singer-songwriter?  Top top it off, this humble talent stands tall on stage at 6 foot 5 inches!

KXAN TV, Austin, TX

Jon is interviewed about the new CD and the CD release show at the Cactus Cafe, and performs Another Drop of Rain.

KUT Radio's Austin Music Minute, Austin, TX

Read Laurie Gallardo's review and download her podcast about Jon's influences and originality.

Austin Post, Austin, TX

10 Questions for Jon Chistopher, Gabino Iglesias of the Austin Post. 

Queens Buzz

Jon Christopher and Jason DiMatteo also played a piece with percussionist Ben Nathan, entitled The Nature Of It All. It has a nice beat, with a sophisticated blend of acoustic and bass guitar, nicely complemented by Nathan, the tap dancing percussionist.

New York 1

Jon performs for kids at the Immaculate Conception school's summer program in Astoria, NY.  Covered by NYC's premier cable news channel, New York 1.

Queens (NY) Gazette

This is an artist whose album I cannot stop playing.  It’s an album you can get up and dance to, or sit down and cry to.  “What I can tell you about Jon,” Waltz-Astoria Art Director Pedro Gonzalez said, “is that he is a loyal supporter of  Waltz, he’s got talent, one of the most polished singers we’ve had here and he puts out his emotions every time he performs. He is passionate and loves his music."

CNN’s World Beat

Jon’s music comes from the heart. His voice is uniquely passionate and his song writing stays with you

Jon’s presence on stage is powerful, his song writing is fresh and unique and his voice is full of passion. He will be a force to be reckoned with.

Polish Blues & Radio Host

I am not a fan of all those modern sounds in music, loops and samples are not my thing. But in Jon Christopher’s hands they sound like another instrument, not only that, an instrument played by a classy musician. His voice is deep and it's impossible not to pay attention to his singing. The songs have interesting lyrics and arrangements are equally great - those modern touches suit Jon’s style perfectly. Some people think that Joe Stone is the biggest thing that happened to soul music recently. Well, they should listen to Jon Christopher and think again.